Melinda Bryden


Retiring early really is wonderful! It has given me the freedom to follow my instincts and time to actually follow through. Life as an accountant did not encourage creativity.... So between a wonderful husband, overly active Labrador retriever, the occasional chicken or three, and my workshop, I am busier and happier than I have ever been. I started working in cement designing a 4 foot high, 48 foot long wall behind my orchard depicting nature surrounding the stream that runs it length. The use of metal objects found and created enhanced my desire to work in steel. I spent the next 12 months taking classes to learn to translate metal into art. Each day brings new ideas and paths along which to proceed.

The site name is a tribute to my lovely mother-in-law whose maiden name was Redfern. Thanks Betty!

Since I would rather create as opposed to work on the web site, you will find a number of pieces that are sold or are indicated as representations. This means that the piece can be created with your input regarding color or in some cases size.  Just contact me!